We are now five games into the season with two wins and three losses.  The team started the season very well with two deserved wins against Weston Super-Mare and Wealdstone.  We have subsequently lost three in a row against Truro, Dartford and Hemel Hempstead.  The games against Truro and Dartford I thought we should have got something from those, while against Hemel even though I thought we created chances in the first half they controlled the match and showed everyone what a good side they are during the second half.

I feel in all three defeats we have gifted goals to the opposition which is something that needs to stop. Being a defender I know how important it is to have continuity at the back and with the club losing five key players from this area (Josh Vickers, Danny Glozier, Matt Fry, Jack Lampe and Jeremy Walker) it has been a challenge to bring players into the club with many of the interests being outside of our financial reach.  Those that we have brought to the club haven’t had any time to gel as injuries have been picked up before playing relationships can be formed.  We have had four key players injured who have subsequently had to come off in the five games that we have played so far – one for the remainder of the season and two for at least four weeks.  This has meant new faces have had to come into the team at short notice, meaning we haven’t been able to get any harmony defensively between the players.  I feel this would be difficult for any manager or club to resolve in such a short space of time and so close to the start of the season.  With Jeremy Walker returning to the club and Keaton Wood joining as well, they will help solidify us and I think they will good additions to the squad.

Once players return we will have good competition for places and this will push players to raise the performances they are putting in.  We haven’t seen the best of this squad yet and I feel with every week together that we are getting stronger and bonds are forming which is what needs to happen for us to turn the losses around and get back to winning.  I hate to lose probably more so than most, as not too long ago I would have been able to go out onto the pitch and put the wrongs we are noticing from the sidelines right.  The frustration in not being able to do this is beyond words.

We now have an important Bank Holiday weekend in front of us and we need everyone’s support and backing.

I look forward to seeing you at the games.