(Colchester United, 28th Oct 2014, Essex Senior Cup)

Here we are on another Tuesday night under the lights at the Aspect Arena, Thames Road, one of many that will be sure to come our way over the next couple of months. Yes we?ve got a couple already in the fixture list, but it?s a fair assumption that as the next couple of months approach the weather will have an impact on our plans! Evening games whatever the level have a different atmosphere to them, and I?m not just talking about the decrease in temperature! Standing in the ground with the floodlights brightly burning their way through the darkness, the cheers of you and your fellow fans breaking through the silence of the evenings, the half time cuppa warming up the bones, it just adds a special feeling to the whole football experience, and I think it solidifies a persons love for the game and their chosen side!

Don’t get me wrong, being on the sidelines or in the stands when that whilst blows at 2 or 3 minutes past 3 on a Saturday afternoon (our games always seem to kick off late recently) is a feeling that can bring a person, a new fan, a young child, back to more games. However when you get a hard-fought victory under the lights on a chilly winters evening, the elation you feel and the connection you feel to the lads on the pitch who have been running in that cold is tough to equal.

It?s the same as you go up the levels in the game, you see a lot of premier league clubs try to bring fans in with the suffix ?under the lights? when talking about evening midweek games, and it works because people love that feeling of being there in that situation. It also adds to it that the majority of high level midweek games are those in cups, whether it be the League Cup, Champions League, Europa League, or as we are in tonight, the Essex Senior Cup. Our next scheduled home tie ?under the lights? after tonight is on Tuesday December 2nd against those lads down the road Chelmsford City, but there may be one earlier depending on tonights result & in turn the draw for the next round!

So with all that in mind, here?s to another great night under the lights here at Thames Road, get behind the lads and send them forward on to victory!