The Beachboys travel to Whitehawk on Saturday afternoon and before the trip captain James White spent some time with us discussing the season so far, and what it’s like to captain Concord Rangers.

After the slow start to the season the lads are showing their true form now.  What caused this turn-a-round in performances in your opinion?

Like all changes there will be some embedding that takes place and new partnerships to be reformed.  Concord is known for having great team spirit and being very hardworking. We have started to go back to what we do best and starting to see some positive change.  It does take time for everyone to buy into this culture as you don’t find it at all clubs. We are now starting to see this and hopefully this will continue for the rest of the season.

How good is it to be captain of a confident side looking to win games?

I enjoy captaining the team, I get on well with the players, management and committee, which is something you need to balance.  I have been with the club for a few years now and seen it go from strength to strength, our mentality is of course is always to win games otherwise why bother turning up. We struggled in the early part of the season with conceding goals which has now changed. When you have this problem you do feel a little on the back foot to protect the back four, but with our ability going forward and the confidence to score goals puts us in good stead for the rest of the season.

Having lost to Whitehawk earlier in the season, how keen are you and the side to get revenge on Saturday?

I think revenge is a strong word.  We wasn’t ourselves in the early part of the season, so it will be interesting to approach this game tomorrow with a level head to get the job done.  Whitehawk are by no means a push over team, so a strong performance and a desire to win is our main focus.

Lastly with the team popping in the goals from all angles, wouldn’t you have minded scoring more so far this season?

I am really pleased for the front four as we put it, they have worked hard in training and shown real quality in front of goal which I hope continues throughout the season.  For me personally I need to get more shots off (Although I will never compete with Max’s strike last week) scoring goals is of course fun, however I enjoy passing the ball, so for me an assist or getting the ball moving is something I enjoy equally.




James was chatting to Chris Clark.